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Goldhofer offers a comprehensive trailer range for the transportation of construction machines, agricultural machines, pre-fabricated sections and general transport goods to compliment the basic equipment of every construction and haulage firm. This range enables payloads between 14 and 80 tonnes, depending on national approval. The Goldhofer trailer range covers an extremely broad spectrum of trailer variants and enables even smaller companies to take advantage of the proven transport technology "made by Goldhofer". An extensive accessory package serves to further expand the efficient and economical deployment of these vehicles.



Innovative technology and modern construction and production technologies ensure that Goldhofer semitrailers set the trends for the future. Goldhofer semitrailers are economical transport systems which offer solutions for an extremely varied range of transport tasks. The numerous design variants as well as the comprehensive range of accessories enable you to solve any transport challenge, regardless of difficulty.




Modular trailers

Goldhofer's modular heavy-duty vehicles represent an extremely flexible and economical transport system for solving all transport challenges in the payload range from approx. 80 t to over 10,000 t. Additional components such as goosenecks, drawbars, load bridges, turn tables, etc. serve to ensure optimal adaptation to the requirements of each load and transport route.